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Switchgears Components Division
Epoxy Bushings, Epoxy Support Insulators, Potential Transformers, Current Transformers, Terminal Blocks, Fibreglass Barriers, Heat Shrink Insulation Tubings, Earthing Switch, Load Break Switch, H.T Fuses, Trip & Closing Coils, Motors,
Multi-Pole Plug & Socket, Meters, Rotary Switches, Digital Meters, Testing Equipment, Copper flex / Shunts, Copper Busbar / Components, Testing Block.

Cable Division

Termination and Joint ups to 33kV, (Heatshrink, Resin pressure and Cold Pouring.) Alca 'P', Plumber 'D', Bicaflux, Weak Back Ferrules, Solder Socket, Crimping Lugs / Ferrules, Binding Wire, Lead Sleeve, Compound, HV Tapes and Tubing up to 33kV, Polybutane and Resin Oil, Sealing Chamber, PVC Tape.

Brass Component Division
Screws, HRC Fuse Contacts, Plain Washers, Nuts, Threaded Inserts, Sheet Cutting and Pressed Parts, Special Turned Parts, Plugs and Socket Pins, Current & Potential Terminals, Connectors for Terminal Blocks, Bolts, Battery Terminals, Cable Glands and Accessories.
Substation / Overhead Division
HRC Fuselink Oil, Air, DIN, 'J', Feeder fuses, Explusion Fuses up to 36kV, Dropout 11kV, Load Break Switch up to 36kV, Feeder Pillar Indoor / Outdoor, Lighting Arrestor, Charger and Battery, Transformer Spares, Stayrod, Street Lighting Bracket,
Bolt & Nut, Stay Plate, Thimble, Bimetal, Saddle Line Tape, Shackle, Grease Tube, Cutout, Neutral Link, Junction Box, Wooden Backing.

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